Between 2014 and 2017, ACEP selected one young person from each province (136 total, including 53 women) to participate in its Emerging Civil Society Leaders (ECSL) program. The ECSLs have received training in public speaking, leadership, management, gender mainstreaming, good governance, peace and political activism. ACEP also provides grants for ECSL alumni to pursue advocacy activities and implements youth-focused media projects.

The ECSL program produced globally-minded and politically-active leaders, including one ECSL who became the first-ever youth to speak at the United Nations Security Council in September 2018 as Afghanistan’s first-ever United Nations Youth Representative, and another who became a recipient of the One Young World Scholarship Program in September 2018. Six other ECSLs (including 2 women) ran in the parliamentary elections in October 2018.


Media activities are implemented by Internews and include the creation of youth-focused media platforms, the development of communication skills and self-confidence among youth in the provinces, the production of media content on youth issues for national broadcast, access to new media tools and innovations, and mobilizing law students for greater awareness of media law and policy.